Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nov 2009 Where my heart is....

I was up in the wee hours watching some Joyce Meyers, she had John Bevere on: he's my fav!! Anyways, they were talking about levels of intimacy. Story of Abraham, Lot and Sodom & Gomorrah -Lot was a righteous man, but he was hours from complete destruction of his city, his family..and no clue. Abraham was not only righteous, but close enough through intimacy with God, that God revealed His plan before...and Abraham was able to stand before God (the Message says, "Abraham stood in God's way, blocking His path...and confronted Him. Genesis 18) WOW!! He stood there not in arrogance, but desperation. Knowing, only God. So He began to plead with God, and because of Abraham's intimacy Lot was spared. -Ministered to me BIG time. Only pastor's know what it's like to stand in front of God, on behalf of God's people...no we don't need anyone as our advocate, Jesus is the advocate (Hebrews tells us.) But sheep get a different view than the shepherd who lays at the gate; keeping sheep in, and wolves out. Sheep are for the most part concerned with what they see. (Their lives.) And you know what that's okay, that's why God raises up pastors, who will feed & tend to all the sheep...leaving not one out in the cold. Moses did it for the Israelites, while the Israelites were distracted with all the stuff...temporary stuff. Moses kept his eyes on that which is not able to wither away, that which is unshakable...eternity. Store up for yourselves treasures where neither moths, nor rust can damage, where no one can break in and steal it...store up treasures in heaven. For where your treasure is, your heart is. My heart is in heaven already.

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